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1D Plots

2D Images

Table of Original Inputs

All inputs used for the calculation

Target Mag 10.0
Saturation Level (electons) 58500.0
Instrument nirspec
Mode bots
Aperture s1600a1
Disperser g235m
Subarray sub2048
Readmode nrsrapid
Filter f170lp
Primary/Secondary rp^2/r*^2

Timing Info

All the timing info needed for your observation. Overhead calculation assumes 30 minute target acquisition time.

Transit Duration 2.400000
Seconds per Frame 0.902000
Time/Integration incl reset (sec) 5.412000
APT: Num Groups per Integration 5.000000
Num Integrations Out of Transit 1597.000000
Num Integrations In Transit 1597.000000
APT: Num Integrations per Occultation 3194.000000
Observing Efficiency (%) 66.666667
Transit+Baseline, no overhead (hrs) 4.801647
Number of Transits 1.000000


Pay attention to these warnings! If you do not see 'All good' written in each box, reconsider your run.

Group Number Too Low? All good
Group Number Too High? All good
Non linear? All good
Saturated? All good
% full well high? % full well>80%
Num Groups Reset? All good


When publishing results based on PandExo, please cite:

Batalha, N.E., Mandell, A., Pontoppidan,K., et al., 2017, PASP, 129, 976

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