Limb Darkening Calculator

The Limb Darkening Calculator calculates limb-darkening coefficients for a specified stellar model, plotting results versus intensity ratio and wavelength. It uses high spectral resolution stellar atmospheric models, which are a necessity given JWST's expected precision.

The name of a target to resolve in ExoMAST

The stellar effective temperature (3500.0 - 8750.0)
\(\log (g)\)
The logarithm of the stellar surface gravity (3.0 - 5.0)
The logarithm of the stellar metallicity (-0.5 - 0.5)
Minimum \(\mu\)
The minimum angle to consider when fitting the LD profile

The minimum wavelength to use
The maximum wavelength to use
# channels
The number of channels to use (for grisms)

This can take up to 20 seconds! Please be patient.