ExoCTK (the Exoplanet Characterization Tool Kit) is an open-source, modular, data analysis software package focused primarily on atmospheric characterization of exoplanets and observation planning. This web application runs the most recent available version of ExoCTK through this web portal designed to single out the most useful tools for observation planning, forward modeling, data reduction, limb darkening, light curve fitting, and retrievals.

Observation Planning

Tools for observation planning with JWST. Groups and Integrations Contamination Overlap

Forward Modeling

Atmospheric forward modeling tools. Fortney Grid Platon

Limb Darkening Calculator

Tools to estimate limb darkening in your host star.

Limb Darkening Calculator

Atmospheric Retrievals

Tools for Bayesian atmospheric retrievals. Atmospheric Retrievals

Light Curve Fitting

Tools to fit the parameters of derived light curves. Light Curve Fitting

Data Reduction

A variety of data reduction tools. Data Reduction

GitHub Source Code

  • ExoCTK is the computing package behind the website.
  • ExoCTKWeb is the literal source code of this website.
  • PandExo_HST is our counterpart for HST observations.

ExoCTK Data

  • This is the JSON data file required to run the Groups and Integrations Calculator through ExoCTK.
  • This is an SQLite database of the Fortney Grid of stellar models.